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Altruism is present from birth in most animals and humans. The disconnection from Altruism arises as a result of our educational structure, wherein competition is created, and we’re measured through grades and compete for the “best” position in our classes. We understand that our identities develop according to the people around us and the groups we associate with. We live in a limited world (“micro-world”), wherein we don’t typically have access to many communities beyond ours and we cannot measure the impact that we can generate (good or bad) in the lives of others. We can be culturally wired to be self-absorbed.

Think for a minute, when you see a person living on the street, do you believe it is their decision? If with the right guidance and conversation you could steer them to get off the street and start helping others, how would you feel? By stroking the flames of Altruism within us might we change the course of others’ lives and our own in an incredibly positive way?


When we buy things in a physical store, we have a dopamine (neurotransmitter of pleasure and reward) rush. When we buy online, we actually generate double the dopamine rush, once when we buy the product and again when the product arrives.

Thus far in 2021, data suggests that we have doubled the number of purchases we make compared to 2000. We are at the highest peak in buying, discarding and/or accumulating in the history of our developed society. We buy only to later feel “buyer’s remorse” for all of our purchases and we then become absorbed by the daunting anxiety of managing everything that we’ve bought.

Unlike animals, when we satisfy our basic needs, we then look to satisfy an existing void (lack of purpose).  Accordingly, we develop a rapidly progressing habit of buying and consuming. This is unhealthy on spiritual, emotional and financial levels. We teach strategies to combat this consumerism.


Spread unconditional love towards the human being, that is, without interest, without profit, and without requiring anything in return.

We are aware that the person who is going to help others must have the necessary tools to help positively, not only good intentions are enough, it takes good preparation and sometimes a good team of specialists to help others.

Disruptive Education

Our focus is to foster your empathy, solidarity, and curiosity, while awakening your self-education and self-empowerment to allow you to get the most out of yourself, personally. We invite you to more deeply understand and challenge your beliefs. We are committed to developing your strengths to empower you to find the best way to live happily, while generating a positive impact on your family and your community.


Are you generating a disconnection from your true essence or unity with others?

We will show you how you can ask yourself deep questions that allow you to make informed decisions. You may feel that you are following patterns of what is supposed to be fine, which is normal, but it may not be the best for your self-optimization or your heart and soul. The influence of family, friends, education, television, social networks, etc. can make you feel confused and frustrated about what is the right thing to do. It can be complex to define goals, success, money and happiness.

Maybe you are waiting for a miracle to come to your door and change your life, or maybe you are investing your time and energy without a clear plan or taking steps without admitting that what you have been taught in the past may be wrong?

Do you want to contribute a mission?

You can get involved as a social leader or volunteer

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